Becky Johnston


Becky Johnston, MA, MBA, LPC is the Founder of Resolutions. She has taken 25 years of professional and personal experience to form a unique approach to therapy. Becky found that her greatest asset while providing psychotherapy to her clients was her years of business and marketing experience. Combining the logical principals of business and marketing with the insightful, truthful and heartfelt tools of psychotherapy created a supportive, wise environment for marked and measured change and improvement. Becky practices consulting and coaching by using BOTH business and psychotherapy techniques.

Becky holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Business; a Masters in Business Administration & Marketing and a Masters in Professional Counseling. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor with the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health. She is also publishing three workbooks, which are utilized in her practice.

Molly McGinnis


Specializing in Trauma, Grief, PTSD and Addiction by conducting Subconscious Reformation interventions.
Molly McGinnis, MPCC, DBH has a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and a Doctorate of Behavioral Health with a Focus in Integrative Medicine. She has a fundamental conviction that when we are experiencing emotional pain, we desire two things: 1) to find relief quickly and 2) that treatment be effective. By targeting the removal of subconscious barriers, she has helped over 600 clients maximize their mind’s own ability to self-heal. Molly specializes in treating childhood trauma / PTSD symptoms (nightmares, flashbacks, hyper-vigilance, anxiety, avoidance, etc.), somatic disturbances, and addiction(s) to: chemicals, self-neglect, toxic relationships, and other self-sabotaging habits. Molly is very effective in helping couples move past the trauma of a sexual or financial betrayal.

With an approach similar to EMDR, Molly utilizes Subconscious Reformation interventions, which include a series of directive techniques, guided imagery, imprint replacement, and bilateral stimulation. The subconscious works on an entirely different plain than how we typically think, controls the majority of our behavior and remembers all. It is non-verbal and experiential, and fittingly, so is its treatment. Disturbing events are not reprocessed, and while the memory of them may not go away, the impact they had (physically and emotionally) most certainly will; allowing a sense of freedom and feeling more “in-control.”

Some Resolutions’ clients have described Becky’s style as follows:

“I appreciated how level headed Becky was, while addressing the issues at hand.”

“Becky is an awesome listener and gives good, positive advice.”

“I felt like I was very listened to and the tools provided really made a difference!!”


If you have a valuable employee that may be causing some unrest at work with anger, addiction or boundary issues, Counseling for Co-Workers can provide Corporate Conflict Resolution and Team Counseling services to help your staff move forward, make positive changes and focus on the business.

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