The Dating Coach

“Combining therapy and marketing for a successful dating life”.

It can be overwhelming and frustrating to face the dating world, perhaps after a long break from it. Before we say “all the men are jerks” or “all the women are crazy”, let’s look at your approach and mindset with dating and relationships. If you keep having the same results or no results, it may be time for a new approach. We will utilize several therapy and marketing tools to understand your mind set and the opposite sex’s mindset. We may also have one of our team members “go on a date with you” and give you valuable feedback.

This isn’t about how to bat your eyes and shake your hips (though there may be some practical tips along the way). This is therapy. This is about discovery of how you can become who you want to attract who you want and take practical steps to do just that, overcoming the obstacles that have been standing in your way.

The Dating Coach program works through every aspect of the dating cycle and addresses the factors that contribute to your success in dating and relationships including:

Your Past and Roadblocks

Your Expectations and your Contributions

The Mind of your Potential Partner

The Search

Dating Pathologies

Your Marketing Plan and Goals

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The Dating Coach Workbook

Combining Therapy and Marketing for a Happy, Healthy and Successful Dating Life (Volume 1)

This workbook will help individuals enter or return to the dating world at their personal best by discovering themselves, learning new approaches and overcoming obstacles in order to achieve positive dating results. This book may be used in tandem with therapy in order to stay on task, progress and measure results. The Dating Coach work book spans 12 “sessions” including Dating Rules, Dating Roadblocks, Your Dating Personal Best, Your Potential Partner, The Search, Dating Pathologies, Your Dating Marketing, Goals, Manifestations and Tracking Results and Your Dating Timeline.

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One Resolutions client said:
“Becky is a great listener and provides great guidance through sessions. As someone who does not talk about my feelings very frequently, she really helped me with some talking points until I was more comfortable during sessions. I initially went in for dating but have received a lot of great advice regarding my business as well. I would recommend Becky for anyone looking to address issues they have in romantic relationships and anyone who owns a business or is self-employed.”



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