Divorce Mediation

Lock in a fair agreement that YOU determine, instead of a judge.

Everyone is hurting with divorce. It is extremely painful. It can be less painful when the vindication is replaced with some proactive steps. At Resolutions, we help the two of you come up with an agreement that you can both accept, file the paperwork and move forward for much less money than dual attorneys and court dates cost.

Studies have shown that it is the marital conflict that has a harmful affect on children. If a civil divorce is conducted, the children adjust quite well. A successfully mediated divorce can help your children during this transition.

Becky Johnston is a Certified Mediator, as well as a Licensed Professional Counselor and attained her certification from the Center for Divorce Mediation in New York City, a highly and nationally recognized mediation establishment. In mediation, we will look at each issue together and complete documentation for asset and debt division, child and maintenance support, parenting schedules and parental decision making processes. There are three options for proceeding with our Divorce Mediation Services:


  1. Mediation Memorandum Creation and Finalization – $500 – $1500

This service includes a two hour session discussing and negotiation each issue with tools to determine child support and spousal maintenance as well as parenting schedules and pension distributions. A Mediation Memorandum is created, signed and notarized. This document can be filed with court paperwork and is a legal contract. Most Resolutions’ mediations are completed in 1-2 sessions.

  1. Mediation Memorandum and Court Filing: $1750 – $2500

This service includes the creation of the Mediation Memorandum and negotiation of each issue in addition with the completion and filing of the court paperwork. Does not include $700 court filing fees.


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