Couples Counseling

At Resolutions, we have results oriented couples counseling. We give advice, feedback and new ideas.

We are praised at Resolutions for not taking sides. Our goal is to find what you as a unique couple need to change so you can find the satisfaction you desire in your relationship. It is about determining what each party needs and wants from the relationship and what each party is willing to give. While people can’t change who they are, they can change their approach, and the way they interact with their partner. Measuring this realistically and putting together solutions for your unique relationship is the outcome desired. While most couples claim that communication is their problem and we certainly address communication skills in our sessions, at Resolutions, we have found that there is often another underlining issue that needs to be addressed and changed. We will map out your particular communication pattern and determine what needs to be altered to achieve success.  Standard Couples Counseling pricing is $295 per month. That is up to three 1-hour sessions that are conducted within a 30-day period. Or the cost per individual session is $150.

Resolutions clients’ have explained:

“Becky takes a practical and direct approach to problem solving that I really appreciate. No fluff! No regression exercises–just tools to move forward today for tomorrow. I have really appreciated benefiting from her gift.”

“My husband and I have visited with Becky multiple times and she has been successful in helping us work through issues. She is objective and a good listener. She deals with the issues at hand instead of taking 4 sessions to go through our family history. She provided us tools to use in our daily lives to help strengthen our marriage. I have recommended Becky to friends and family and will continue to!”

I felt that Becky really helped, me, and “us” to be able to talk about our problems in a productive and goal oriented way – something that we were failing to do alone. I also felt incredibly encouraged, and responded well to Becky’s style. Her compassion and objective view was always felt in her actions and words.”

“Becky has helped my husband and I have a happier and fulfilling relationship. She really listens to our concerns and determines what the real issues are and then helps us work on resolutions. She is not judgmental nor does she take sides; she truly works to help both of us. She is very compassionate yet provides actionable suggestions to work on our issues. Becky is a “must” for couples looking to work on their relationship.”

“Becky is great! So far she has been very helpful in teaching my husband and I new ways to approach a situation, rather then arguing or fighting.”

“Becky is the best–and we don’t say that lightly. Pleasant and professional, she made us both feel safe and at ease. With remarkable precision she listened to both of our concerns and expeditiously arrived at the root of the issues. She did not belabor the process with fluff or lengthy scenarios, and she did not allow either party to get away with failing to acknowledge their contribution to/responsibility for the conflicts in question. By the end of each session we both knew what was going on, why, how we were contributing to the conflict, and what actions we both would take in the future to amicably solve a misunderstanding before it escalated into a conflict.”



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If you have a valuable employee that may be causing some unrest at work with anger, addiction or boundary issues, Counseling for Co-Workers can provide Corporate Conflict Resolution and Team Counseling services to help your staff move forward, make positive changes and focus on the business.

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