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Couples Counseling

At Resolutions, we have results oriented couples counseling. We give advice, feedback and new ideas.

We are praised at Resolutions for not taking sides. Our goal is to find what you as a unique couple need to change so you can find the satisfaction you desire in your relationship. It is about determining what each party needs and wants from the relationship and what each party is willing to give. While people can’t change who they are, they can change their approach, and the way they interact with their partner. Measuring this realistically and putting together solutions for your unique relationship is the outcome desired. While most couples claim that communication is their problem and we certainly address communication skills in our sessions, at Resolutions, we have found that there is often another underlining issue that needs to be addressed and changed. We will map out your particular communication pattern and determine what needs to be altered to achieve success.  Standard Couples Counseling pricing is $295 per month. That is up to three 1-hour sessions that are conducted within a 30-day period. Or the cost per individual session is $150.

The Dating Coach

“Combining therapy and marketing for a successful dating life”.

It can be overwhelming and frustrating to face the dating world, perhaps after a long break from it. Before we say “all the men are jerks” or “all the women are crazy”, let’s look at your approach and mindset with dating and relationships. If you keep having the same results or no results, it may be time for a new approach. We will utilize several therapy and marketing tools to understand your mind set and the opposite sex’s mindset. We may also have one of our team members “go on a date with you” and give you valuable feedback.

This isn’t about how to bat your eyes and shake your hips (though there may be some practical tips along the way). This is therapy. This is about discovery of how you can become who you want to attract who you want and take practical steps to do just that, overcoming the obstacles that have been standing in your way.

The Dating Coach program works through every aspect of the dating cycle and addresses the factors that contribute to your success in dating and relationships including:

Your Past and Roadblocks

Your Expectations and your Contributions

The Mind of your Potential Partner

The Search

Dating Pathologies

Your Marketing Plan and Goals

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The Dating Coach Workbook

Combining Therapy and Marketing for a Happy, Healthy and Successful Dating Life (Volume 1)

This workbook will help individuals enter or return to the dating world at their personal best by discovering themselves, learning new approaches and overcoming obstacles in order to achieve positive dating results. This book may be used in tandem with therapy in order to stay on task, progress and measure results. The Dating Coach work book spans 12 “sessions” including Dating Rules, Dating Roadblocks, Your Dating Personal Best, Your Potential Partner, The Search, Dating Pathologies, Your Dating Marketing, Goals, Manifestations and Tracking Results and Your Dating Timeline.

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One Resolutions client said:
“Becky is a great listener and provides great guidance through sessions. As someone who does not talk about my feelings very frequently, she really helped me with some talking points until I was more comfortable during sessions. I initially went in for dating but have received a lot of great advice regarding my business as well. I would recommend Becky for anyone looking to address issues they have in romantic relationships and anyone who owns a business or is self-employed.”


Individual Therapy

Helping individuals set goals, overcome obstacles and create the life they want.

At Resolutions, we have a systematic and logical approach to treatment that also allows for a great amount of flexibility, based on your needs and your starting point. We have two approaches – traditional talk therapy with an outline that guides our progress. Or, we can work through workbooks in an individual therapy and workshop setting, as you choose. At Resolutions, we measure results.

Sex Therapy

Sex is a very powerful component in marriage and it is very important to reach an understanding of one another’s sexual needs. When the importance of sex in marriage is ignored or minimized, other troubles often begin. Lets look at your sex life closely and openly to come up with some new approaches and a new understanding.

The Budget Tamer

The Budget Tamer – helping couples and families talk about money

The number one area that couples fight over: Money. Money is powerful and is the source of much of our anxiety, happiness and ability to have peace. We help the two of you to plan financially, come to agreements and make decisions about your lifestyle, your spending and your saving.

Divorce Mediation

Lock in a fair agreement that YOU determine, instead of a judge.

Everyone is hurting with divorce. It is extremely painful. It can be less painful when the vindication is replaced with some proactive steps. At Resolutions, we help the two of you come up with an agreement that you can both accept, file the paperwork and move forward for much less money than dual attorneys and court dates cost.

Studies have shown that it is the marital conflict that has a harmful affect on children. If a civil divorce is conducted, the children adjust quite well. A successfully mediated divorce can help your children during this transition.

Becky Johnston is a Certified Mediator, as well as a Licensed Professional Counselor and attained her certification from the Center for Divorce Mediation in New York City, a highly and nationally recognized mediation establishment. In mediation, we will look at each issue together and complete documentation for asset and debt division, child and maintenance support, parenting schedules and parental decision making processes. There are three options for proceeding with our Divorce Mediation Services:


  1. Mediation Memorandum Creation and Finalization – $500 – $1500

This service includes a two hour session discussing and negotiation each issue with tools to determine child support and spousal maintenance as well as parenting schedules and pension distributions. A Mediation Memorandum is created, signed and notarized. This document can be filed with court paperwork and is a legal contract. Most Resolutions’ mediations are completed in 1-2 sessions.

  1. Mediation Memorandum and Court Filing: $1750 – $2500

This service includes the creation of the Mediation Memorandum and negotiation of each issue in addition with the completion and filing of the court paperwork. Does not include $700 court filing fees.

Intensive Couples Counseling

“Save the Relationship or Part Peacefully”

This productive and results-oriented program consists of three 3 hour sessions that take place in over the span of one month. A specific agenda is followed with in session exercises and follow up session summaries, homework, observations and recommendations.

Session topics include History; Strengths; Commitment; Communication; Compatibility; Damage; Forgiveness; Nurturing and Strength; Budgeting and Finances; Sexual Intimacy and Fulfillment; Relationship Goals and Objectives.

This program is designed to help couples make a decision about their relationship. Either to be fully committed and continue forward with new tools and a clear understanding of what needs to be accepted and what needs to change to be successful. Or, to decide to part peacefully with understanding, respect and love.

The first session will be a Deep Dive into the relationship history, so that the all components and contributing factors to the current status of the relationship are completely understood. This session will also involve some discovery tools so that each partner can have a clearer understanding of who the other person is and what they are able to change and what they are not able to change. An understanding of the relationship will be outlined and the key factors that must change or be accepted for success will be clearly discussed.

In the second session, we look at those areas in the relationship that must be accepted or change for success and we determine based on who each person is, what it will take and if it is realistic. This is where we explore and come up with new goals for any troubled area including Trust, Communication, Finance and Sex. Several exercises and role plays will take place to practice new techniques for communication and decision making.

The results of the second session, whether the couple feels that the relationship is able to be salvaged or not, will determine the direction of the third session. During the third session, for a couple making a new commitment to a new beginning, it will resemble a commitment ceremony, whereby the couple will make agreements with one another and have a clear plan in place of what needs to be done for success. If the couple has decided to part, the third session will resemble a mediation session where financial, child custody and support, future interaction and expectations etc will be discussed and documented.

The cost for Intensive Couples Counseling is $1195, which includes 9 hours of therapy and follow up analysis, including written documentation recording commitments for the future and/or mediation results for parting ways.


If you have a valuable employee that may be causing some unrest at work with anger, addiction or boundary issues, Counseling for Co-Workers can provide Corporate Conflict Resolution and Team Counseling services to help your staff move forward, make positive changes and focus on the business.

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