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Trauma & Grief

For Individuals and Families

Both trauma and grief hold a wide spectrum of instances from person to person. From moving to a new home to a natural disaster; from changing jobs to losing a loved one, the one thing that holds true in these instances (and everything in between), is that all of these events carry some level of emotional pain. And emotions are POWERFUL.

So, what to do when this pain seems too overwhelming, even down right paralyzing?

We know in order to move on from any distressing situation, we must foster some degree of acceptance. However, when emotionally frozen, finding acceptance can be virtually impossible. It has been said that, “any negative event no longer exists except for in our imagination.” If our mind becomes a place to avoid, healing cannot occur.

With Subconscious Reformation, the mind can become a place of peace, of safety, and most importantly, a place of recovery. Fully aware and in-control, the client is led through a series of directive techniques, subconscious training tools, guided imagery, and finally, imprint replacement. These interventions are designed to aid in removing barriers, and allowing one’s own mind to do what it was made to do – self-heal. Different from traditional talk therapy, and traumas are not reprocessed. Yet, any emotional control these events once held disappears and becomes impossible to re-emerge.

Imagine living life no longer “in reaction to…”

Family Counseling

Family Counseling – Through family systems counseling we will determine what is working within your family and draw from strengths to change what is not working. We will come up with new ideas for communication, schedules and roles within the family. It is also important to get to the root of expectations and what is and is not an acceptable component of the family relationships you seek. Individual issues such as depression and anxiety can affect the health of your family. Addressing these issues individually can help the family unit grow and thrive.

Court Ordered Focused Assessments

With a reputation of non-bias reporting, Resolutions’ focused assessments are received by the court with the ability to influence. The approach at Resolutions is to mend damaged relationships and to improve communication and interaction between co-parents in order to better the experience for children. It is important to find the contributing factors to the discord and to call out these influences and roadblocks to a successful co-parenting experience. In addition, the advantage of hiring Resolutions is that the appointments and reporting are completed in a time efficient manner and we allow each party to review the report prior to filing in order to call out any misreporting or misunderstandings. This step has proved vital to our clients.

     $2,500 one-time fee includes:

  • Initial 2 hour assessment consultation
  • Additional 8 – 10 hours of counseling sessions including a variety of combinations between mother, father, children and step parents or extended family, depending up on area of need for assessment
  • 10 -15 page focused assessment report
  • Phone court appearances ($500 additional per appearance)

Family Business Counseling

There is family and there is business. The business is a key cornerstone to the family and the family dynamics play themselves out in the business. With our business and therapy background at Resolutions, we will look at your business’ organizational structure and business and marketing plan and determine the best way to utilize the family members strengths for optimal business results. We will also look at some of the family’s relationships, any obstacles that need to be overcome in terms of family dynamics and communication, and set specific relationship objectives that will help you achieve your business and financial objectives.

Cinderella Maker

“Be pursued. Know you are worth pursuing” –

Cinderella was misunderstood. Due to a certain published work, everyone projects that Cinderella was just waiting for a man to rescue her. NOT TRUE. The girl did everything right. She had a wonderfully positive attitude. She worked hard. She looked her best. She put herself out there (with a little help). And the Prince had to make a serious effort to get her. He pursued her. And who knows where the opportunities of being the Prince’s girl could lead – certainly better than any other opportunities in a land far, far away.

Cinderella Maker is designed to help teens and young women understand their worth and gain self-confidence. The program will also help drive the understanding of negative or risky behaviors and gain insight into the mindset of males. We want each young woman to decide which behaviors will give her the outcome she really wants

Parent/Teen and Parent/Child

Often times, there is that one difficult relationship within a family. It is hard, with life’s burdens and maturing and changing children, to experience a new, often challenging, relationship. Your teen or child may not want to come to counseling, but 100% of the time, the teens and kids that come to Resolutions ask to come back. It is a place where everyone can be heard and agreements can be made.


If you have a valuable employee that may be causing some unrest at work with anger, addiction or boundary issues, Counseling for Co-Workers can provide Corporate Conflict Resolution and Team Counseling services to help your staff move forward, make positive changes and focus on the business.

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